Middle-earth Wanderings…

First Things First…

I’m on YouTube!!!

By all means if you like my artwork please give me a subscribe on YouTube as I’m going to be putting together a lot of exciting new projects to live stream and make time-lapses of.

I’m even going to stretch to a bit of vlogging when the time comes…

Now for the abundance of new art!

We’ll try and go in some sort of order for the new artworks; it’s been a little while since I’ve managed to get a post published that isn’t for my weekly #WorldsForgotten Series.

Bag End

Bag End - Hobbiton - New Zealand - Middle-earth - Lotr - Lord of the Rings - Art - Ilustration - JGlover Art - The Hobbit tv series amazon
Bag End – Sepia Ink on Mixed Media Paper – 5″ x 7″

Here’s an ink drawing that I did of Bag End, home to the famous Bagginses of Hobbiton. I have fine art prints available of this piece which you can find by Clicking Here!

I also made some exclusive fine art prints of this piece for the founders of the Green Door Podcast – I believe they will also be doing a giveway soon! Head over to their podcast and have a listen, they are currently doing a great read-through and analysis of the Silmarillion!

Artifacts Loot Crate!!!

Ok, a little slight sidebar here, it’s not technically related to my art. The other month, wow it feels like a long time ago since I placed the order now; I purchased a Loot Crate (Artifacts) all in order to get one little limited edition prize.

And damn I’m glad I did…

Frodo Weta Workshop Mini Epics Lotr Lord of the Rings figure Figurine Toy Collectable tv series amazon artifacts
Frodo Baggins – Weta Workshop Mini Epics – Limited Edition Loot Crate Figure

I waited over a month for this guy to arrive and it was definitely worth it. I will be drawing him in the near future and studying him at different angles. It has come to my attention of late that I’m doing too much work from photographs and flat images, it’s high time to start getting more done from life.


In May I decided to work up a new small ink drawing and run a fine art print giveaway, predominantly for Instagram, I ended up extending it to cover Twitter as well as I have followers there who are not members of Instagram.

Gollum smeagol jrr tolkien lord of the rings tv series amazon drawing ink illustration concept design andy serkis
‘Gollum’ – Ink on Mixed Media Paper – 4″ x 6″

For an ink sketch, I ended up really happy with the outcome of this piece and it is a firm favourite of mine. Having said that, I’m not sure as to whether I should sell prints or not. I might do a small Limited Edition run.

If you would like one, feel free to use the form below to let me know; if there is some interest it will give me a better clue as to where to go with it.


Now, still on the subject of Gollum. I have been working on another small piece which is a preliminary charcoal drawing, once complete it will be my reference for a small oil painting.

gollum smeagol charcoal sketch drawing oil painting lotr lord of the rings tv series amazon jrr tolkien
Gollum Preliminary Charcoal Sketch

This piece has been the subject of my live stream as I want to capture the whole mini-project on video; which has been a huge learning curve in and of itself.

I will be streaming the final part of the drawing stage Thursday 14th June 2018 (Time TBA) and you can find the previous streams on my YouTube Channel.

‘Passage of the Marshes’ – Update

I managed to get back to the easel and break open the oil paints and make some real headway into this piece that I actually began the initial works on last year.

‘Passage of the Marshes’

I’m now at a stage with this piece where all the rough colour layers are down and the next phase will be the detailing and rendering and getting the piece finished which will hopefully not be too far in the distant future.

‘The Nazgul’

nazgul ring wraith witch king of angmar lotr lord of the rings the hobbit jrr tolkien middle earth horror fantasy art illustration drawing artwork
The Nazgul (temporary title) – Charcoal on Strathmore 400 Toned – 9″ x 12″

This charcoal preliminary drawing I finished up last week; it was a piece I started on a while back and never got around to continuing as the folds in the cloth were daunting. I wanted to work on a new drawing and found it stuck to an old clipboard and therefore decided to complete it.

I’ve now got the outline transferred to canvas as well so that’s another soon to be started oil painting.

Homeward Bound…

Well that’s about all for this post; my most recent wandering of Middle-earth.

As always, be sure to follow/subscribe to my blog to stay updated.

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Until next time, farewell!


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