‘Travelling Boots’ – Still Life Alla Prima Oil Painting Sketch

“It is looking at things for a long time that ripens you and gives you a deeper meaning.”

– Vincent van Gogh

It seems appropriate to start this post with a quote from the post-impressionist master himself, as it was watching the recent biographical drama about the latter years of his life ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ that inspired me to create something bolder and looser than my usual work.

The original intention was to get out and do some painting en plein air but unfortunately the weather was typically British and it was far too cold and windy to get comfortable and enjoy it, I haven’t painted outside properly yet and I want the first experiences to be good ones; as I get into it more and make a good habit I don’t think the weather will faze me as much.

I still had a walk and found a good spot to paint from for next time so the trip wasn’t totally wasted. When I got home, I still wanted to paint something, so I decided to get set up in the kitchen and work up a quick alla prima still life.

vincent van gogh boots shoes painting still life oil paint sketch post impressionist beer artist
Still Life Set Up In The Kitchen

I got myself set up with all that I needed, including a nice cold and crisp refreshing jar of beer and I then proceeded to get stuck into the painting.

My overall aim was to work not in the style of Vincent van Gogh, but just to take a leaf out of his book and paint more expressively, with feeling and rawness rather than getting sucked into details and trying to render my subject flawlessly. My Hayroo Brushes worked a treat for this undertaking and the length of them really helped me to focus on working loosely, holding the brush like a wand instead of a pen.

Anyway, that’s enough chat for the timebeing, here’s the result of my endeavour –

boots shoes still life oil painting alla prima vincent van gogh post impressionism artist art illustration sketch
‘Travelling Boots’ – Alla Prima Oil on Canvas – 10″ x 8″

I have walked a good many miles in them boots and as a sucker for a narrative, I felt that the title I decided to give the painting suggests enough of a lead up for the viewer to think up their own narrative in response.

Here’s the trailer for ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ which really was a good film and with Willem Dafoe playing Vincent van Gogh, his portrayal was incredible and whilst the cinematography was weird at times, the film overall was very inspiring.

The Farewell Speech!

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Until next time, farewell!


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