Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part II – The Sickness of Corvus’ Sibling

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The Sickness of Corvus’ Sibling

Upon returning from a recent gathering expedition in the Smallwood, Corvus younger sibling was struck with a sudden illness that rendered her almost lifeless and fading rapidly. Corvus tried to seek help from the Colony’s physicians with little joy, none of their ‘remedies’ having any positive effects.

Corvus’ lifelong friend Finbar finds him at his tree and brings some hopeful news:

“The sages speak of a White Raven who lives in an Ancient Watchtower at High Point, he is said to have flown these skies since the days of the Old Empire and possesses a depth of knowledge and wisdom in the art of healing and herb-lore.”

With no other options available, and the prospect of a mystical ancient White Raven; Corvus, with his good friend Finbar alongside him, embarks on a quest that will take him far from his home in Crowshaven.

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