Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part IV – Corvus Meets Alwyn; The White Raven

Corvus - graphic novel - raven - crow - webcomic - fantasy - art - illustration - story
Corvus Meets Alwyn; The White Raven

After an arduous journey, Corvus and Finbar finally reach the Ancient Watchtower, exhausted, but glad to find substance to the myths and legends of the Colony; The White Raven was indeed living there.

He introduced himself to the pair as Alwyn, and informed them that he had been expecting a visit soon, despite having not seen a soul in over a decade.

“You have come at a time of great change, oh winged wanderers, and I believe that it is not mere chance that brings you to my abode, nor that just the two of you should arrive under the same sun.”

In the distance to the north, two Corvids can be seen heading towards the Watchtower.

Corvus related the illness of his fading sibling to Alwyn and asked for help in locating a true remedy.

“The physicians in Crowshaven can’t help her now, some have mentioned a herb called Starshade, but none can tell me where to find this herb. The Sages are sure that only you, the White Raven can know of its location!”

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