Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part VI – Munin & Hugin Arrive with Grim Tidings

Corvus - graphic novel - fantasy - web comic - art - story - illustration - raven - crow - character - concept - design
Munin & Hugin Arrive with Grim Tidings

Just as Alwyn finished explaining the properties of the Starshade herb, the other two Corvids that had been seen in the distance arrived. Straight into the Watchtower they entered, looking panicked, flustered and exhausted.

The two Corvids introduced themselves as Munin and Hugin from the Colony of Dimhallow in the Northern Rayvik Kingdom. They had traveled a great distance across the open ocean on the North Sea to find the White Raven and bring him a vital warning.

“Our Sages and Wisebirds insisted that we brought the information to you and that you would know what to do with it and how to save us all!”

Munin done the majority of the speaking, with the occasional affirmative coming from Hugin; Munin’s crazed look and spiked hair certainly suited the message that he carried.

“There is a Darkness spreading throughout the world and it is killing our kind rapidly, it seems to be coming from the Far North; we recently lost contact with all Colonies north to Dimhallow and this is what incited the Sages to send us here. A warning must be giving to all of our Kinsfolk!”

Alwyn had been listening intently and as soon as Munin finished talking his posture changed, his eyes seemed to glow, and he began to relate a prophecy from the Dawn of Corvids.

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