Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part VII – Alwyn Relates a Prophecy from the Dawn of Corvids

Corvus - art - illustration - graphic novel - webcomic - ruins - landscape - ink - drawing
Alwyn Relates a Prophecy from the Dawn of Corvids

Four and the White Raven in a place where the stars spawn

A warning of Darkness, a plague from the Far North

A sickness that spreads turning Corvids to waste and bones

The only hope is one Colony, one King in a safe abode

Between the sky-stone falling and the next full moon

The Crown must be taken from the hand of a god

Or the Darkness will spread and it affects all croons

No more songs from the Corvids and the land is forgot

Alwyn then explains the prophecy:

“On this night, the sky stone fell like a flamed eagle flying through the night sky. This means that before the next full moon, you four must travel to Ironholde and retrieve the Crown of Crows from the hand of the Man King.

All Corvids must be united under one King and taken to Treehold Keep, there is an old castle there, the air is clean and protected by the Silvertip Mountain Range and should protect all those dwelling within from the Darkness.

The Corvid Colonies will not unite unless a King is crowned, and there is little time left to fulfill this prophecy; failing to do so will result in…


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