Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part VIII – Corvus Makes a Tough Decision – The Corvids Begin Their Quest

Corvus - graphic novel - web comic - illustration - art - ink - drawing - inktober - ravens - crows
Corvus Makes a Tough Decision – The Corvids Begin Their Quest

Having heard the prophecy, Corvus is left with an impossible decision to make; does he source the Starshade herb and save his sibling only to see the whole of Corvid-kind eventually wiped out by the Darkness; or does he take up the quest and risk failing and the definite death of his sibling who is just a day or two at most away from death now?

There is no time to do both, the next full moon is less than a week away and the Crown must be retrieved by then.

Alwyn, the White Raven; hasn’t left the land around his Ancient Watchtower in over a century and the reclusive manner of his being suggests it could be just as long again before he even considers doing so, regardless of the reason.

Reluctantly, but seeing the bigger picture and knowing the outcome of not even trying to do so, Corvus decides that the only true course to take is to take up the quest of heading to Ironholde and getting the Crown.

Finbar, Munin & Hugin agree to join Corvus in the fulfillment of the prophecy and heading out on the quest and the White Raven shares with them the fragments of an old map so that they can find the way.

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