Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XI – The Unwelcoming Sight of the Burntwood

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The Unwelcoming Sight of the Burntwood

Since leaving Thornwatch, the Conspiracy of Corvids has had a rather uneventful journey traveling at height across the north-east plains but despite being uneventful they all had a strong feeling of trepidation knowing that within a day’s journey they will arrive at the Burntwood.

The Burntwood and the Gravelands are the site of an ancient battle ground from the days of the Old Corvidae Empire and a sad time that contributed to the fall of the Empire.

The Battle of Ash Feathers saw the first time that the sworn enemies of all Corvids; the Rattus Rodentius managed to get the upperhand and it proved to be fatal. They coaxed the 6th Corvidae Legion into the forest, trapped them and set hundreds of fires simultaneously, wiping out the entire 6th Corvidae Legion and razing the Eastwood to the ground.

Since those times, the Burntwood and the Gravelands have been a no-go zone for Corvids and none are known to have ventured through there in centuries. The air is still too thick and dense to allow for flight and this is another factor that keeps many away and superstitious.

That’s all about to change, now that a Conspiracy of Corvids have arrived at the fringes of the wastes…

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