Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XIII – The Fall of Ethelred into a Watery Tomb

Corvus - Graphic Novel - Fantasy - Art - Illustration - Webcomic - Raven - Ravens - Norse - Crows - Story
The Fall of Ethelred into a Watery Tomb

Not stopping for rest before entering the Graveland was about to prove fatal for the group. The calling voice seemed to have become fainter, as if further away now despite them heading closer towards it.

Entering into the Graveland the Corvids felt a shift in the atmosphere, the air felt denser and thick and they began to feel exhausted. There were watery pools scattered about throughout the land that they needed to head across and an eerily oppressive mist.

The calling started to get to Ethelred in a way that it didn’t affect the others, he started to become obsessed with finding its source despite the others wanting to move on and leave the forsaken wastes far behind.

Suddenly and without any warning, Ethelred flaps his wings and takes to the sky, at first he seems to be flying fine but then he becomes stiff as though wrapped in the web of a large spider and he rapidly drops from the air and splashes into one of the pools of water.

All of the remaining Corvids other than Corvus attempt to fly to get to him with haste and despite flying low and closer to the ground than he did they all suffer the same bound up fate, without landing in the water thankfully. Corvus heads towards Ethelred’s location hopping as fast as he can with the odd flap of his wings to boost himself, cautious of suffering the constriction of the oddly dense atmosphere.

As Corvus reaches the pool that Ethelred fell into, he sees him just rise above the water, flapping his one free wing to try and get himself out of danger but to little avail. Corvus finds a stick and uses it to try to pull Ethelred to safety.

Finding it too much of a struggle to pull his friend from the water with his leg strength alone, Corvus decides to use his wingpower and he flaps his strong wings to pull himself backwards and drag Ethelred with him.

He feels the fog enclose him, his wings stick to his body, he falls to the ground unable to move his wings any longer.

Ethelred is lost…

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