Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XX – The Scream of a Man-King & the Murder of Finbar

Corvus - art - illustration - graphic novel - web comic - fantasy - folk lore - ink - drawing
The Scream of a Man-King & the Murder of Finbar

As soon as Corvus & Ronin took the finger of the Man-King he awoke in a screaming and pained panic, before he could realise exactly what had happened, the dog was awake and trying to attack the Corvids who were fighting back ferociously and keeping the dog’s attention divided as to which of them to go for.

The Man-King saw what was happening and regained his senses, he grabbed the nearest thing he had to hand, which was his axe and began swatting about at the Corvids, trying to land a blow.

Eventually he did…

He landed a fatal blow on Finbar as he attempted to leave the chamber back through the window with Corvus and Ronin who had just escaped with the Crown.

Finbar was struck with the backside of the axe head, his spine and neck broken, killing him instantly.

As fast as that, Corvus had lost his oldest and dearest friend

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