Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XXI – From the Mouth of a Beast, a Narrow Escape

Corvus - Art - Illustration - Graphic Novel - Web Comic - Raven - Viking - Dog - Folklore
From the Mouth of a Beast, a Narrow Escape

There was no way that Corvus could leave his dead friend behind for his corpse to be eaten by the Man-King’s dogs, or worse.

He dived back in through the window and into the chamber, avoiding the swings of the axe and trying his best not to become the guard dogs next meal.

Corvus grabs the body of his dearest friend and narrowly escapes the teeth of the guard dog and makes it out of the window and into the air to rejoin the other Corvids.

Now they have the Crown, the next phase is to return to Crowshaven and get the Ravenking crowned; a necessity in order to unite all of the Corvid Colonies and move to the castle at Treehold Keep before the Darkness comes.

Before that can be thought about in depth though, there is a more pressing matter at hand.

Corvus needs to hold a funeral for his oldest friend, Finbar…

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