Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XXV – A Reflection of Glory in the Mirror Pond

Corvus - Art - Illustration - Graphic Novel - Drawing - Folklore - Raven - Ravens - Crow - Fantasy
A Reflection of Glory in the Mirror Pond

The Mirror Pond in Mistglen is a place of legend, there are many tales known to the beings that live outside the Grimwood; the only problem being how much the tales differ from one another as to what the Mirror Pond offers.

Corvus is wary of the place and the ‘promises’ it apparently offers and he warns the others to be cautious whilst near it.

Hugin and Munin however, have different ideas. They find themselves immediately drawn to the cool reflective glare of the Mirror Pond and they immediately head to the water’s edge for a better look.

What each of them sees looking back at them is their own reflection, but wearing the Crown of Crows, a promising future of kingship and glory unfold before each of their eyes. The visions that they each see begins to stir up an envious greed and dangerous sense of ambition; they describe to each other the visions they saw.

This causes and intense feeling of jealousy between them; Hugin dives at Munin in rage…

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