Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XXVII – An End to Sibling Rivalry, Corvus Settles the Dispute

Corvus - Graphic Novel - Art - Illustration - Drawing - Fantasy - Folklore
An End to Sibling Rivalry, Corvus Settles the Dispute

In those tense and emotionally charged moments of Munin and Hugin swooping at each other and viciously fighting over a future that was an illusion of trickery shown to them by the Mirror Pond; Corvus joined the fray and powerfully split the two brothers apart.

“Of all that we have lost so far, the many leagues we have covered together and how close at times we have come to death, you two think it right and acceptable to kill each other? To fight over that of which you have no right? We have come all this way to fulfil a prophecy that doesn’t result in either of you becoming Ravenking!”

Munin & Hugin see that Corvus is carrying the pack that contains the Crown of Crows; they discern that he has no ambitions of wearing it himself and he also spent time by the Mirror Pond. The pair realise that they have become seduced by their own greed and ambition and this was enhance by visions that they saw in the water, but visions that already existed in the depths of their own hearts to begin with.

They heed Corvus’ words, they make their peace with each other and vow to see this quest fulfilled in the right manner.

The Corvids settle down to rest for a while longer before heading back into the Grimwood

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