Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XXXIII – A Corvid Soldier, Skull Helm Detail

Corvus - Art - Illustration - Graphic Novel - Fantasy - Story - Drawing - Web Comic - Folklore
A Corvid Soldier, Skull Helm Detail

As far back as the great Raven’s Tales go, Corvids famously wear one piece of armour into battle. The skull helm of an ancestor that died valiantly in a previous battle. Other than the helm, it’s just a sharpened beak and talons ready for any grappling needed.

The skull helm gives its wearer an edge, not only is their head protected from their enemies, it adds a massive intimidation factor. Throughout the history of Corvids, the Rattus Rodentius Clans (the sworn enemies of Corvid-kind) have always held a deep-seated fear of the skull helms worn by the Corvids; therefore they have always tried to take the helms away from Corvids they have defeated in battle.

Wearing the skull of an ancestor also gives the Corvid an added responsibility, they want to live up to the great deeds of their ancestors…

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