Geisha Girl – Charcoal Figure Drawing – New Art & A Twitch Stream

So I’ve Been Back To The Drawing Board…

I felt that it was high time to change a few things with my blog/website and general artwork output. When I began this journey I began with the intentions of working more so in the area of fine art, of telling stories of my own creation and of re-imagining folklore, history and mythology.

Somewhere along the way I got wrapped in fan art, and as a lover of the fantasy genre this is easily done. I’m now going to balance the fan art work out a lot more with some more finer art; figure drawings, still life paintings and landscapes. All of which will still hold a narrative nonetheless.

I’ve started redesigning my website and ‘getting my house in order’ for some changes. I have a lot of ‘storytelling’ pieces in the pipeline too, and still a few fan art pieces that are awaiting pencil work and brush strokes; I just intend for these to be fewer and further between for the time being.

Anyway, there are a few more items for this blog post. The first of which is a new figure drawing –

Geisha - Girl - Kyoto - Model - Figure - Drawing - Art - Illustration - Fine Art - Contemporary - Classicism - Classical
Geisha Girl – Charcoal on Paper – 10″ x 8″

In the drawing of this piece today, I also launched my Twitch Channel – I intend to hold a live stream at least fortnightly, whether it’s working on an artwork, doing a master study or maybe even some discussion based streaming and tutorials.

This is an exciting new step in my artistic journey and one that I’m looking forward to taking further. Today’s stream was very quiet, but I’m sure that in time, it will pick up.

As with my website, I’ve also been updating my Etsy shop and the contents available, the relevant links can be found below!

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Until next time, farewell!


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