Geisha Girl Portrait I – Charcoal Drawing

Another one for the portfolio…

I’ve been working on a new series of fine art pieces for a Geisha series over the past week or two; in the beginning as a means of getting some sketchbook work done and then it progressed onto some sketches that I wanted to take into further development.

So here we are with one of the completed pieces for the series, a Geisha Girl portrait.

Geisha Girl Portrait I - Charcoal Drawing - JGlover Art
Geisha Girl Portrait I – Charcoal

I’m truly in love with charcoal, and every drawing that I’m working on with it is getting me more and more familiar with the medium and what I can achieve with it.

One of the great things about working on a portrait or a character study is the questions one can ask about the subject throughout the process.

Who is this girl and what is her rank within the Geisha tradition?

How long has she been training for this lifestyle and was it truly her own choice?

What is her story; how did she end up here?

Once my Geisha series has reached its completion I intend to do a more factual article style post about the Geisha culture and traditions. I’ve been doing a lot of research and it will be great to share the information in a post with all of the completed works.

For now though, that is all for this post and this portrait.

Feel free to answer those questions above in a comment on this post, it would be great to see what you all think and speculate from the image.

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