Candle Holder – Alla Prima – Still Life – Oil Painting

Finding the time to experiment…

So as a result of the current lockdown measures here in the UK I have been afforded a rare luxury within my artwork; time. Time to experiment and play about with ideas and techniques; time to learn from life studies and master studies; time to reflect on the work I’ve been doing with the pencils and brushes.

One area that I have been really getting stuck into is alla prima painting. I’ve done some pieces as still life artworks, setting up the subjects and lighting them in the way that I desire; there is no better way to learn a subject than by studying it in real life, in person. I’ve also done some alla prima paintings using reference and photography too, a total opposite to my normal slow and steady approach of building a painting up in layers, slowly and steadily.

These paintings have allowed me to work faster, looser and in an expressionist manner.

Throughout this week I’ll be attempting a #PostADay challenge here on my blog, I’ve got a few new pieces to share, the results of my experiments and labours, some I’m happy with and others are just very sketchy however, each of them has taught me a great deal.

Here’s the first for the week –

still life painting candle holder stone medieval fantasy art illustration
Candle Holder – Alla Prima – Still Life – Oil On Canvas

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