Geisha Girl Portraits – Oil Paintings – Katsuru & Mameka

The street of Gion have quietened down, but the tea houses are thriving…

Continuing the Geisha theme that I’ve been working on over the past couple of months I now have a couple of oil painting portraits to share.

These portraits were great fun to work on and I learned such a lot in the process. I worked on these with my usual method of approach; starting with a preliminary charcoal drawing, then transferring an outline to canvas before working on the underpainting.

I did the underpainting with the Grisaille method, using only Ivory Black, Titanium White and Crimson Red. My choice of the addition of a red in the Grisaille came from an a Van Eyck exhibition that showcased some of his greyscale works using a similar palette and I found it to be appealing.

I let the underpainting dry for a few days and then went in with the true colours and finished them up at a nice steady pace.

That’s about all for this post but there are plenty more coming and lot more Geisha themed work too.

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