Geisha Girl Portrait – Hanako – Charcoal Preliminary Drawing

For this portrait I looked at a different point of view –

My Geisha series is still growing into a beautiful collection of portraits and gestural sketches and drawings now; with a lot more piece still in the bag and ready to be brought to life.

This portrait has served as a preliminary drawing to use as a reference to inform an oil painting that I just wrapped up today and will be posting here next week; however if you want to see the painting now you can, on my Instagram – @JGloverArt

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Hanako – Geisha Girl Portrait – Charcoal

Something that I really found interesting whilst working on this portrait is that it is no less powerful than the standard format portrait where the features of the face can be plainly seen. I also find this pose to be expressive, despite lacking the usual tools of human expression such as the eyes, mouth and hands.

As is my current method for preliminary drawings I have worked on toned grey paper, using black charcoal and white conte pencil; this technique and mode of working has worked out very well for me both in the drawing and development stage, as well as taking forward to inform the oil painting stage.

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