Princess Zelda – Charcoal Portrait Drawing – Fine Art – Illustration

Continuing on with my Legend of Zelda miniseries, I decided to add a piece into the mix with more of a fine art vibe to it. So far I’ve worked up a few ink and watercolour illustrations with a few more planned, this piece however is a charcoal drawing; with the intention of later being an oil painting.

Let’s get straight to the artwork…

legend of zelda - art - illustration - fine art - contempoaray - portrait - charcoal - drawing
Princess Zelda – Charcoal

I really wanted to try and capture a Renaissance era feel to this portrait, I took it as though I had been officially commissioned by Hyrule royalty to capture the essence of Princess Zelda, ready to immortalise her in oil paint at a later date.

As with everything I work on, I’m always posting behind the scenes shots and work in progress pictures on my Instagram using the stories function, meaning the shots only last for 24 hours, if you’re interested in seeing how I pull these pieces together and some of the work involved, be sure to follow me –


That’s about it for this post, I’ve got a few more Legend of Zelda inspired illustrations coming in the next fortnight leading up to the Zelda Creator Con so stay tuned for those!

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Until next time, farewell!


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