Kneeling Geisha Charcoal Drawing on Toned Paper

I decided to kick this new year off by diving straight back into the Geisha theme that I’ve been working around over the past year. The first UK lockdown gave me the chance to really delve into Japanese culture and pore over various books, articles, blogs, etc. Studying the art, culture and history of Japan and much of Asia has well and truly captured my attention, and my imagination.

japanese geisha fine art drawing model reference original London
Kneeling Geisha – Charcoal on Toned Paper – 11″ x 8″

I hand toned a bunch of different papers with some watercolour paints to give myself a more unique surface to work with and to add more of a mixed media feel to them. This particular piece I felt worked well with the toned paper and it’s definitely a method I’ll be using for future artworks too.

The addition of a touch of sanguine pastel here and there also gave some more life than simply opting for the black and white charcoals alone.

Kneeling Geisha Girl Drawing

This original drawing is currently available on my Etsy shop

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