What Does A Jawa Look Like Without A Hood?

What Does A Jawa Look Like Without A Hood?

Quite possibly the most frequently asked question when it comes to Jawas and the mysteries of the Star Wars universe, the question of what a Jawa looks like without a hood has plagued fans from all over the galaxy, and there’s no definitive answer that comes directly from Star Wars canon.

That little fact doesn’t stop creatives from imagining the answer though…

Life As A Jawa

Life As A Jawa is a Star Wars art project that I worked on throughout October as part of the Inktober drawing challenge as a means to take part in the challenge, and to explore what Life As A Jawa entail. Not taking the theme too seriously, I worked on capturing the drawings with a sense of humour and some crossovers that were fun to work on.

There were however two major things uncovered throughout my Life As A Jawa project, one of which was a plethora of themes that I’ll be exploring further and in much more detail in the future, and another discovery was what a Jawa looks like without a hood. Well, one of my concepts at least…

No one knows what Jawas look like without robes

This was one of the facts that I included in my recent article: 7 Jawa Facts Every Star Wars Fan SHOULD Know; that article opened a fair bit of potential for future artworks and projects.

As part of the research for that article, I uncovered the fact that there has never been an official canonical reveal of a Jawa without a hood or robes. Even the behind-the-scenes shots from Return of the Jedi only showed the costume that the actors wore in order to appear as Jawas.

Before we move onto a Jawa without a hood, I did also draw a Jawa without robes as part of the Life As A Jawa project.

Jawa Without Robes - Ink Drawing - Star Wars Art - Illustration - UK
2. Suit – For a Jawa, choosing what to wear is never a straightforward decision…

It seemed like a fun idea to imagine a Jawa selecting a robe from his Sandcrawler wardrobe before a good morning of scavenging and trading…

Under The Hood Of A Jawa

Well, without further ado, here’s my first concept of what a Jaws looks like without a hood. I will add that I don’t think they all look exactly alike, I could easily imagine them having a variety of features; some being perhaps more rodent-like, with others, such as this fellow, being closer to the Human side of the spectrum.

Jawa without a hood - Jawa's face - Ink Drawing - Star Wars Art - Illustration - under the hood
31. Risk – Would you risk seeing a Jawa without a hood?

So where’s the Sandcrawler going to next?

Well, there you have it, another possible answer to what a Jawa looks like under the hood. But what’s next?

For one thing, I’ll be working on a number of pieces of original new Star Wars Art to add to the collection, exploring the galaxy a lot further, especially Jawas and their lives and culture.

Is there a particular aspect of Jawa life that you’d love to see as an artwork?

Let me know in the comments below…

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