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You Have Stories To Tell

One common factor amongst all human beings is the ability as well as the desire to tell stories. 

We are all naturally-born storytellers. 

Stories have the power to evoke emotions in us and cultivate connections to one another as well as proving to be an effective tool for transferring knowledge, instilling morals and inspiring hope.

Stories also have the unique capability of mentally transporting us into the worlds and roles of the stories themselves, offering us the ability to step away from or escape our current surroundings.

There’s also no better way to take ideas and put them out into the world than through the medium of storytelling.

With all that in mind, let’s shift the focus to you, the storyteller. 

You have stories to tell…

How Does The Commission Process Work?

Each commission starts with you the storyteller, getting in touch so that we can have a conversation to get a full understanding of the project and after we have established the details such as the timeline, budget and preferences, I’ll guide you through the simple, 6-step process:

  1. An agreement is signed
  2. A deposit is paid
  3. An idea is designed
  4. A final artwork is approved
  5. Any remaining fee is paid
  6. Your artwork is securely shipped

The JGlover Art Guarantee

Commissioning art can feel like a daunting process, especially if it’s the first time you’ve done it. In order to alleviate any fears or misconceptions about doing so, I’ve carved the ‘JGlover Art Guarantee’ into stone.

World Exploring And Story Telling Should Be Available To Everyone

  • There’s no need to commit to receive a free quote for bringing your story to life.
  • Each stage of an artwork’s creation is run by you, the storyteller for approval.
  • Artworks are always packaged securely and posted with tracking, included in the price.
  • Once you commission an artwork, you’ll receive a lifetime discount from JGlover.

Tell Your Stories, Bring Them To Life.

“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.”

– Sue Monk Kidd, Author

Every story that isn’t told is not only a missed opportunity, but also a lost moment.

A moment that could have served to provide a sense of purpose, or meaning that could have enabled a person to escape their own reality and find solace within the story of another.

As a storyteller, you certainly wouldn’t want to withhold such a moment, allowing it to become lost. 

Thankfully however, hope is not lost.

You can capture any moment and tell your stories by commissioning a fine art piece or an illustration that gives your story the visual edge that gives the recipient even more stimuli to process and dive deep into the realms of imagination with.

Commission JGlover today, and not only tell your stories, but bring them to life.

Bespoke Art For A Special Occasion Or Home Decor

Are you looking to find a truly unique, heartfelt gift?

Capture one of your stories, or a story from a loved one and have it encapsulated in an original artwork. 

The perfect treat for yourself, or a loved one.

One-of-a-kind artworks are also a great asset for home decor and you can make a house a home by adding a story to the walls.

Let’s explore worlds together! 

Join the journey through the creative process by commissioning art that tells stories, captures moments and gives your home a talking piece that will give you the opportunity to tell your stories in style.

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