Japanese Geisha Art

Japanese Geisha art has become the main output of my creativity, the beautiful modesty of these elegant performing women has captivated my imagination and inspired a series of drawings and paintings. Exploring the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan through artistic media and creating art inspired by Japan’s traditions is my go to source when it comes to creating artwork.

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What is a Geisha?

The literal translation means “artisan”, or “performing artist”. Gaining mastery over the traditional Japanese art forms takes years and is a lifelong commitment in the careers of these hostess entertainers.

They practice arts such as poetry, dance, playing traditional instruments like the shamisen or the koto, holding interesting conversation, flower arranging and an increased skill in incorporating a fan or fans into the dancing performance too.

Another term used for these women is Geiko which translates literally to “woman of art” and that term is mainly used in Kyoto as part of the regional dialect which differs slightly from Tokyo and other cities. When in their apprenticeships, they are known as Maiko which literally translates as “woman of dance”.

This class of traditional Japanese entertainers act as hostesses during occasions such as meals and banquets, often hosting very high class patrons, entertaining within restaurants, hotels and ochaya or teahouses.

Most Recent Artwork

charcoal portrait drawing japanese geisha girl landscape background water lake beautiful art

Japanese Geisha With Scenic Backdrop – Charcoal Drawing

The true captivation of these beautiful dancers is the moments of movement within the dances themselves, the deeper I am delving into this subject matter, the more I am beginning to appreciate the masterful works of artists such as Edgar Degas and understanding his obsession with Ballerinas. 

Types of Artworks

My original art ranges from simple sketches and studies right up to full blown oil paintings and wall art fit for the walls of any collector or interior designer.

Limited edition art prints are the main output I intend to go with going forward however, presently I also have a range of open edition art prints too. I’m also happy to get prints made of any of my artworks that you can’t find prints available for and would like, simply get in touch to arrange it.

I consider myself to be a specialist Geisha artist open to commissions at all times. I am always happy to work on anything that gives me an excuse to pack a bag, grab my materials and spend more time in historical Japan. I am also able to design tattoos for those that want a unique design and not one from a tattoo parlour’s generic sheet book.

Sources of Inspiration

In some ways I would like to say Arthur Golden’s novel ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ was my main source of inspiration however, whilst I enjoyed the story itself and the visuals from the movie produced by Steven Spielberg, it was not the catalyst of my exploration.

Truth be told, I’ve been intrigued since the first time I saw the image of a Geisha and I can’t remember where that was or what reignited my intrigue to start up on this journey of art, I am sure that it wasn’t from the Blade Runner movie starring Harrison Ford though.

Original Japanese Geisha Artworks

Geisha Drawing WIP Video

This video shows how one of my master studies inspired a recent drawing of a Geisha girl.

What’s Coming? 

This subject matter has not only captured my interest but it has also fired my imagination and thirst for creativity in expression, growth and exploration. I’m curious to dig much deeper into the mystery, culture and history of this fascinating class of women. 

I have a sketchbook bursting with ideas, concepts and rough draft for a whole host of new artworks covering Geisha, Maiko and many other aspects of Japanese culture and tradition.

There will be lots more original art to come as well as affordable, limited edition art prints.

And a plethora of blog posts covering subjects in depth such as:

  • What is the Role of a Geisha?
  • Are Geishas Prostitutes? Do they sell their Virginity?
  • Why do Geishas Wear White Make-Up?
  • What is the Difference between a Geisha and a Maiko?
  • And many, many more…
Japanese geisha girl charcoal portrait drawing fine art uk based london artist essex

Japanese Geisha With Scenic Backdrop – Charcoal Drawing

Still continuing in my exploration of the Geisha of Japan, I am trying to capture the beauty and modesty of these fascinating women with my charcoal and create drawings and art that can live up to their own artistic prowess.

For this artwork of a Geisha with a scenic backdrop, I have begun working out an ever so slightly stylised art style and using a vignette approach to the backdrop. This piece will make a nice addition to my existing collection, which is just beginning to take shape now.

scrabble - tiles - pinterest - wood - wooden - table - diagonal - photo - stock

How To Use Pinterest To Find Creative Inspiration [Step-By-Step Tutorial]

Overcoming a creative block can be a challenge, but whether you’re stuck in a creative rut or not, you can always use Pinterest to find creative inspiration and explore a world of ideas, imagination and possibilities. It is a great tool for artists, designers, writers, content marketers and more!

It’s easy to get inspired on Pinterest as it’s absolutely full to the brim with great examples of art, design, wall art, interior design, photography, drawings, paintings and ideas as well as diy tutorials and helpful step-by-step guides.

Exploring The Gion District Of Kyoto

Equipped with my pencils, charcoal and brushes, I regularly set out on long journeys into Japan’s history and I always return with a new selection of Geisha art, and I love to share the beauty!

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