Star Wars Art

Star Wars art is one of my favourite things to get creative with and exploring the worlds and cultures of that galaxy far, far away keeps me continuously inspired and creative.

The Star Wars universe has so much depth to it, an abundance of existing content in a variety of media, ready and waiting to explore. 

This page will be regularly updated and maintained as the main hub of all of my Star Wars art and it will always be growing, be sure to subscribe and join the Rebellion to stay updated and receive exclusive benefits and rewards.

Most Recent Artwork

jawas - star wars - the mandalorian - baby yoda - disney - illustration - oil painting - art

Jawas on Tatooine – Oil on Canvas

Of all of the species depicted in Star Wars, I have always had a deep-seated fascination with Jawas. These stunted humanoid aliens with their faces hidden beneath the hoods of their robes, scavenging the deserts of Tatooine for scrap metals and mechanical parts they could salvage and sell have always been a favourite of mine.

Types of Artworks

My original art ranges from simple sketches and studies right up to full-blown oil paintings and wall art fit for the walls of any collector and Star Wars fan.

Limited edition Star Wars fine art prints are the main output I intend to go with going forward however, presently I also have a range of open edition art prints too. I’m also happy to get prints made of any of my artworks that you can’t find prints available for and would like, simply get in touch to arrange it.

I consider myself to be a Star Wars artist open to commissions at all times. I am always happy to work on anything that gives me an excuse to pack a bag, grab my lightsaber and spend more time in the Galaxy.

Sources of Inspiration

A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

As far back as I can possibly remember, Star Wars has been in my life. I was born into a household of Star Wars fandom and it definitely rubbed off, this timeless space-opera was the foundation of my fantasy and sci-fi storytelling nature.

Having this affinity with the worldbuilding of George Lucas and the visions of masters like Ralph McQuarrie it’s easy to feel like I stood on the Lars Homestead Moisture Farm in Tatooine, looking out at the binary sunset, searching for more. I can imagine that I trained personally on Dagobah with the greatest Jedi Master ever to have lived, Yoda.

Original Star Wars Art 

What is Life As A Jawa?

Life As A Jawa is a Star Wars Art project that I worked on as part of the Inktober drawing challenge, exploring Jawa life and culture with a touch of crossover and humour thrown in for good measure.

Here’s a handful of the piece created for the Life As A Jawa Star Wars Art Project.

Some of these will be taken further and developed into more realised artworks.

On the subject of Jawas

Star Wars - Facts About Jawas - Inforgraphic - JGlover Art - Essex - London - UK - Star Wars Artist

7 Facts About Jawas Every Star Wars Fan SHOULD Know

Jawa without a hood - Jawa's face - Ink Drawing - Star Wars Art - Illustration - under the hood

In response to one of the Jawa facts above, I created a concept sketch of what a Jawa looks like without a hood.

What’s Coming? What Is The Force Vision?

Force Visions were an ability once possessed by all Jedi until, in later times, only a select few had the ability. Focusing this vision and using the power of the Force, the Jedi Masters could prophesy a future filled with fresh content, specifically, they saw…

An abundance of exciting new Star Wars illustrations covering the Skywalker Saga, The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, Kenobi, Jawas and more!

Original art inspired by the Lucasfilm universe.

Affordable limited edition art prints.

And a plethora of blog posts covering subjects in depth such as:

  • What is the history of Yoda? What killed Yoda? How old was Yoda?
  • How Does The Mandalorian Timeline Fit In With Star Wars?
  • What Is The Force?
  • What do Jawas look like without robes?
  • And many, many more…

Exploring A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Equipped with my pencils, charcoal and brushes, I regularly set out on long journeys into the galaxy and I always return with a new selection of Star Wars artworks, and I love to share the beauty!

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