My Father’s Sword – TAE17 Charity Exhibition

About a week ago during a perusal of Twitter I came across a charity exhibition called the Twitter Art Exhibit, rather than churn out second hand facts I’ll just paste below what their website states –

#TwitterArtExhibit founder, David Sandum

“Through art we can change the world.”

#TwitterArtExhibit utilizes social media and public engagement to generate income for charities and nonprofit organizations. In the past, #TwitterArtExhibit has generated funds for a library suffering from deep funding cuts to purchase much-needed children’s books, for an abused women’s shelter seeking to improve the lives of the families they serve, and for an arts organization mentoring underprivileged young adults in preparation for careers in the visual arts.

• Artists worldwide donate postcard-sized, handmade original artwork to the #TAE17.
• TwitterArtExhibit organizes a local, physical showcasing of the art.
• The public is invited to buy the art at an affordable, flat price.
• 100% of proceeds go to the charity.
• This provides artists with new exhibition opportunities, new audiences and benefactors, and appeals to art enthusiasts all over the world.
• It’s fun!

Want to help? Here’s how:

You can help support a good cause by:

• Following @twitrartexhibit on Twitter, promoting the idea and engaging with us
• Following the #TAE17 hashtag
• Retweeting our posts and sharing with your followers
• Following this site to learn of upcoming Twitter Art Exhibits
• Liking our Facebook page and engaging with our community
• If you are an artist, crafting and donating an original piece of art
• Volunteering to help the local committee.
• Attending an exhibit near you
• Buying the artwork

So long story short, I decided to sign up and take part in this incredible idea and create an artwork to send off.

At first I wasn’t sure what sort of piece to create and in the end I settled on doing a piece that will tie in with my current project – The Leaves of Hellebore – The piece I made had to be postcard size so I will at some point create a bigger version and most probably with charcoal as the official portfolio piece, for now we have a sketched version in pencil.

So here it is –

fantasy art artist artwork illustration j glover art josh glover art visual novel leaves of hellebore
“My Father’s Sword” – Pencil on Paper – 12 x 16 cm

I have decided not to write a short prose to accompany this piece as yet, I’ll save that for the larger scale version, for now I will leave the viewers to speculate and imagine the narrative for themselves, as should be the case with artwork anyway more often than not.

Also if you like the sound of this charity exhibition then check out the website for Twitter Art Exhibit and take part, they accept commissions from all over the world as far as I’m aware and the proceeds are going to Molly Olly’s Wishes.

I hope you have enjoyed the artwork and feel free to leave feedback, also if you wish to be notified of future posts from me then you can subscribe yo my blog via email and the box is near the bottom of the page.

Until next time, farewell!


2 thoughts on “My Father’s Sword – TAE17 Charity Exhibition

  1. RightofLegions May 4, 2017 — 21:53

    Reblogged this on Right of Legions and commented:
    I’ve seen art, but this is something else! Really awesome and inspirational work! Won’t get tired of viewing Josh’s stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Josh Glover May 4, 2017 — 22:18

      Thank you for the reblog and the kind words I really appreciate it! ☺


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