They Were Once Men – WIP Update – Lord of The Rings Oil Painting Illustration

The Nazgul Have Returned!

Well, in terms of my latest oil painting on the easel anyway…

I’ve been getting up earlier than necessary for work over the past week and sneaking in a 30-40 minute painting session in order to work my way back into this piece and make some serious headway. It’s proved productive and the painting is now at a stage where all I need to do is go over the figures and the render the finishing details, not long now and we’ll have another piece for the portfolio.

Anyway, let’s get to the artwork!

I’ve had a lot of fun getting the ruins and architectural details of Amon Sul, Weathertop painted into this piece, it’s also been a great learning curve. I’m getting a lot out of working with a limited palette as well; it’s definitely an exercise I’ll be taking on board more often moving forward.

The next stage of the process will be to get the figures of the Ringwraiths painted in more detail and then I’ll go over the entire piece adding the finishing touches, final details and fixing up any blemishes.

I’ve got a few new ideas for some Middle-earth artworks coming up, with the Lord of the Rings TV Series with Amazon looming ahead as well, it’s exciting times to be working on these illustrations!

Other News

At the moment, Sunday seems to be a good day to keep a regular posting schedule; this seems to be the day that works best for me to not put it off due to being too busy or tired, so expect a new post every Sunday!

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Until next time, farewell!


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