Kakarot – Son Goku – Dragon Ball Z Charcoal Drawing Manga Illustration

goku - kakarot - dragon ball z - dragonball - anime - manga - art - illustration - charcoal - figure drawing
Kakarot – Son Goku – Charcoal on Toned Paper – 10″ x 8″

Here is the latest addition to my portfolio, Kakarot. My favourite character from the Dragon Ball series and a strong childhood memory. The furthest back that I can remember drawing regularly, it was Dragon Ball characters and most especially, Goku.

The main difference being, I used to watch episodes and then draw scenes from memory, I wish I still had those early drawings, they would be interesting to look back on.

This particular drawing was done using a Dragon Ball statuette as a reference, I do however also work on totally original designs for Dragon Ball characters, and these are often popular subjects for people to commission an artwork of.

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